ERP software has become an important part of all business organizations. But, most of the companies are not happy with their software. Why?. They haven’t chosen the right one. Here are some highly useful tips on how you can choose the best ERP software for your company.
Look Out for Development Platform
iGreen T.FAT ERP has the ability to customize according to a business need. It allows users to customize their operational workflow and generate personalized reports. Some ERP solutions do not come with a development platform, thus when a system upgrade is carried out, the customization may be lost and has to be re-implemented, which can be costly for a business that needs to outsource this process.

Business / Management Report
It’s almost impossible for a business owner to keep a close eye on every process in his business. An reliable and practical ERP solution should have the ability to generate reports that help a business owner analyze the operations of his business. By providing an overview, the business owner can easily recognize parts of the operations that needs to be improved, to optimize productivity and profits.

Your company is not going to close in the next few years; rather it will grow more and obviously will create new records as we wish. But is your software able to fit with the growth? Can you add necessary features in future? Every good software has option to expand its features when required without affecting the existing ones. Some of our clients started with a basic ERP system that focused mainly on the Finance and Supply Chain Modules.

Get the Demo
You wouldn’t buy a house without looking at it first, right? Well the same thing applies to your ERP software. Preliminary research is very important in narrowing down the solution that you want. But if you want to truly know if the solution is going to be a good fit, ask for a demo of the product. This is the only way to truly know what features the software has and how you will be able to implement it in your business.