iGreen Mini Series helps to speed and ease process of printing of Bank Cheque Books, Customize Invoice Layout by using Document Designing Tools. It enables user to have complete view of customer interactions across various departments and teams for better planning, managing and forecasting. It also assist small and medium sized companies to conduct their business activities very efficiently.
iGreen Cheque Manager Software
iCheque Printing Software is a simple yet powerful application used to make the process of printing of your Cheques faster and easier. It prints on any bank’s cheque books. There are many features that simplify the whole process of printing cheques. Various cheque formats of banks are pre-defined and stored in the system to print with precise alignment automatically.
There is a fully functional database that stores your Payees. iCheque maintains database of your payee, usage of cheque & cheque books, bank account, bank account transactions etc? It provides facility to mark cheque as pending, cleared, cancelled, returned, stop payment etc

iGreen Invoice Software
iGreen Invoicing software is simple yet powerful software suitably catered for small and medium business.
It’s easy to start creating your company information by using the company creation wizard. If you have more than one company, no worries because iGreen Invoice support multiple companies.
You can upload your logo and customize your invoice, quotation / estimation, credit note, delivery note, customer statement layout by using the Document Designing tools in iGreen Invoice software. You can also create your own invoice template, quotation template and others template or edit the existing template by using the user friendly tools that comes with this invoice software.

iGreen CRM Software
iGreen CRM is a powerful and secure CRM solution that provides a complete view of customer interactions across your departments and teams providing the information and insights you need for better planning, managing, and forecasting. Your teams will have the tools they need to increase sales, identify and reach more profitable customers, enhance the customer experience, and anticipate customer needs.
The power of iGreen CRM lies within its flexibility because we understand your company is unique and that business priorities and economic conditions change.

iGreen Enquiry/Quotation/Order Software
iGreen Enquiry/Quotation/Order Software is an essential business tool designed for small and medium sized companies to conduct their business activities very efficiently . iGreen software has features to register the enquiry, quote from supplier, quote to customer, order confirmation, purchase, sales invoice and forwarding.